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Pricing Options

Link Module (Limited) Free
Searches2Tags Module Free
404 Handling Module Free
Link Module (Full) $16.97
Redirection Module $16.97
Advertisement Module $16.97
Popups Module $16.97
Cookies Module $16.97
The Total Package! * $68.97

About Modules:

Purchasing is not required! If you like, leave the commercial modules unchecked to register your key. You'll have a chance to upgrade from within the plugin later!

WP Traffic Tools offers the ability to look inside every module to see it's capabilities, although without ownership you will not be able to edit settings or add profiles.

Purchasing WP Traffic Tools's commerical modules will make them available on all your websites that use WP Traffic Tools.


License Key and License Email will be used for validating your script across all your websites. If you opt-in to our newsletter(recommended) we will use your license email for sending email notifications of new updates and improvements.

Privacy Policy:

We will not ever sell your information to 3rd parties. We look forward to being connected with you and hope to have an outstanding relationship from here on out! Cheers!